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Digital Marketing Services

Custom Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you currently feel like your team is throwing darts at the wall? Up against a tight year-over-year strategy deadline? In need of goals, objectives and initiatives your team can work towards together?

It's time to unite your team under ONE comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Not a regurgitated playbook, but a plan strategically created to meet or surpass your business goals and push you ahead of the competition.

Marketing Automation, Email Automation, & Lead Generation Consulting

Get assistance with selecting the perfect software for your business. We help you strategically select, setup, train, implement & consult on the perfect marketing automation, email marketing or lead generation software for your company!

SEO, SEM & Social Media Consulting

We can help you create the strategy, identify the goals, setup the platform and execute the plan.  Our consultants can help fill in the gaps for your current digital marketing team or stand in for your entire team.

  • Paid Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing 

  • Email Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Roadmap

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • And Much More...

"If you are looking to acquire new customers for your business, I have the tools to help! Let's throw out the regurgitated playbook and craft a digital marketing strategy that is as unique as your business." 

Alyssa Lopez - Founder, The Digital Marketing Consultants

Let me Help You Grow Your Business.


The Digital Marketing Consultants is a Digital Marketing Agency founded in 2019 by Alyssa Lopez.


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